Privacy Policy

We're going to make this very simple for everyone to understand.

Fox Teknology values privacy to an extreme degree. We do not resell your data, credit card information, background information, address, name, or phone number to anyone for any reason. Ever.

We do not implant tracking cookies on this site to watch where you go on the internet. Any cookies on this site are used for the Cart so your order isn't lost as you navigate around the site. We use analytics to track how well we are doing with customer ease-of-use involving the site, but our analytics do not track you after you leave the site, and the data we collect from it never leaves our custody.

Any conversations you have with us through email, chat, or phone are not shared with anyone outside of the company, and usually not with anyone besides the employee handling your order.

If you would like encrypted chat or email, email us your public key and we will take it from there, no questions asked. If you wish to pay in cryptocurrency of any type, email us and we'll arrange payment, no questions asked.