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TrueNAS SCALE gets Quality Improvements with 3rd Major Update



TrueNAS SCALE 22.02.3 (“Angelfish”) was released today after the previous versions were tested and deployed on over 25,000 active systems, ranging from a wide variety of use-cases. This release has been tested with the SMB clustering functionality present in TrueCommand 2.2 and has improvements for running on larger system configurations.

TrueNAS SCALE has quadrupled its system count since the start of 2022. With over 100 bug fixes, the quality of TrueNAS SCALE 22.02.3 has improved significantly. It is now considered stable for the majority of single node TrueNAS deployments, and suitable for early adopters in clustered and HA configurations. As SCALE 22.02.3 is proven in the field, it will be recommended on the new TrueNAS Software Status page.

The Changes in TrueNAS SCALE 22.02.3

The feature set for TrueNAS SCALE 22.02 is described in the TrueNAS SCALE datasheet, and the TrueNAS SCALE documentation provides most of what you need to know to build and run your first systems. If you are missing some information or need advice, the TrueNAS Community forums provide a great source of information and community.

The details of TrueNAS SCALE 22.02.3 can be found in the release notes. There are over 100 new bug fixes and improvements that will provide another significant quality jump from the previous version. Notable inclusions consist of:

  • Drive scalability improvements

  • Numerous SMB Improvements including:

  • Improved SMB Dataset Configuration Validations

  • Bugfix for SMB Shadow copies working on Child Datasets

  • Security updates for Linux Kernel and Libraries

  • Drive resizing and overprovisioning tool

  • OpenZFS Linux ARC improvements

  • WebUI bug fixes

We want to thank the community for the tremendous support in improving TrueNAS SCALE quality! It’s been an exciting ride and there’s so much more to come, so please keep reporting bugs and making suggestions as we continue to improve the quality of TrueNAS SCALE together.

Who Should Use TrueNAS SCALE?

TrueNAS SCALE is particularly well suited for users with requirements for Linux Apps/containers and/or running Linux VMs, in addition to standard storage needs. At this U3 stage of its Software Development Lifecycle, TrueNAS SCALE is suitable for more general deployments and tech labs. Users with scale-out storage requirements can test for their specific use-cases or interests.

For Linux developers, there are many opportunities to contribute to the Open Source TrueNAS SCALE project, and we have a vibrant Discord Community for contributors. It is a well-coordinated and managed environment to collaborate in developing the best open hyperconverged infrastructure as a collective.

“Bluefin” is the next major release after SCALE 22.02. It will include some major enhancements such as support for enhanced Cluster Operations, optional FIPS 140-2 crypto support, and security improvements including rootless operation. For more information, see this community post. Look out for a major announcement next month!

Enterprise Production Use

For commercial users with scale-out needs, iXsystems supports the testing of specific TrueNAS SCALE deployments and applications before they enter the production phase. Please contact your iXsystems Account Representative or email us at [email protected] if you are interested in using TrueNAS SCALE for production.

Conservative users with standard NAS (NFS, SMB, iSCSI, S3) requirements are still advised to use TrueNAS CORE and Enterprise, which have ten times more data under management and over ten years of operation and stability. TrueNAS SCALE has inherited some of that maturity and automated testing but is not yet as mature.

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