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Fox Tek is a boutique, power-enthusiast, custom computer company. We hand-assemble all of our PC's to compete with the best companies in the business. Our pre-configured rigs are built to conform to every tier on the market, and our customized computers can be everything your imagination desires. Teknology built to last at prices set to excite.


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Innovation From Within

Fox Teknology was born from the inadequacies found in other boutique builders. We examined other companies claiming to build "the best PC's on the market" and found no one did it exactly right. We try to correct that in every rig we construct.

Better Parts, Better Build

We are better because of exclusivity. We only use the best tested, most reliable, highest performance parts found. You already know what they are, because they are the most talked about. We will never use an unknown or exotic part to drive up the price of your build. Brands you know, for performance you can trust!

Attention To Detail

We turned our attention to detail of the marketplace inward on our own company. We use this to build machines that are properly wired, sufficiently powered, balanced in parts, and suited to each customer's need. The end product is a beautiful blend of power, reliability, dependability, and function.

FoxTek Specialized

All Systems Include:

  • Hand-built, highest quality
  • Overclocking by experts
  • Clear upgrade paths
  • Unique design

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